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Mark C. Thomas, Attorney - Criminal Defense & Personal Injury

Mark C. Thomas is the founder and lead partner of The Mark C. Thomas Law Firm, a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm practicing in: criminal defense, personal injury lawyers, seasoned prosecutors and expert case investigators. Our experienced group of Massachusetts Law professionals has been involved in 1000s of cases in the last 25 years ranging from OUI / DWI / DUI and Motor Vehicle Offenses to Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury to Violent Crimes and Drug Offenses to Federal Cases and White Collar Crimes. Mark Thomas' team uses its prior knowledge as prosecutors, police officers, detectives, and law instructors to give his clients a true and unrivaled UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

We approach each case with the singular goal of winning on our clients' behalves and, to that end, we approach each case individually, working tirelessly to out-prepare not only competitor law firms but most importantly, the government's prosecutors and/or insurance companies' defense attorneys.

Our criminal defense and personal injury lawyers try their utmost to get every criminal case dismissed. We focus on the belief that every individual and case deserves a fair trial, and then use our "unfair advantage" to get cases dismissed on the facts, case law, loopholes and on motions to suppress inadmissible evidence. When we cannot get a case dismissed, we leverage our legal experience and intimate knowledge of Massachusetts Law to achieve the best possible outcome, plea bargain, and/or minimal punishment in every case.

Mr. Thomas is a well-known and influential Massachusetts law professional and has not only appeared on the local FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC News channels but has also been quoted in The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Newburyport Daily News, and a number of other media outlets. In addition, Mark Thomas has served as a criminal analyst for two award-winning television shows.