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Next to OUI, DWI, & DUI charges, drug offenses are among the most common criminal charges brought in the Commonwealth. Most people don't understand how serious the drug laws are in Massachusetts. Mark C. Thomas and his associates are more than well-versed; they are experts in the field. Mark Thomas and members of his team have been qualified by the courts as "drug experts" and have testified numerous times as such. This is why, if you are faced with a drug charge in Massachusetts, you must call us first.

Get the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE we can provide before risking your future on an average defense attorney. Mark C. Thomas and his Associates have taught narcotics to law enforcement professionals and are qualified as police experts in drug charges at all levels.

If you have been arrested on a drug charge in Massachusetts, contact us for a free initial consultation. We appear before all District and Superior Courts in Eastern Massachusetts. We can provide you with the help you need.

Drug Cases In Massachusetts – Possession vs. Trafficking

Possession typically involves small drug sales and smaller penalties. However, it should not go under-stated that a possession conviction can create a criminal record that follows one for the rest of his/her life. It is essential to understand your rights, options, and work with an expert when facing such a charge and the law firm of Mark Thomas can help.

Meanwhile, things can get much more serious than possession. A charge of "trafficking" in illegal drugs is very different, and carries much more severe penalties. A charge "trafficking" means that you are being accused of selling and distributing large amounts of a prohibited drug.

There are several "markers" that lead police and prosecutors to the use of trafficking charges. One is the mere quantity of illegal drugs found. One "marker" the police look for is whether the amount of the drug found, is more than a recreational or casual user would typically have on hand for personal use. Also, if drug paraphernalia is found - weighing scales, envelopes, measuring tools, plastic bags, mixing ingredients, etc., or large amounts of undocumented cash are present at the scene, this will almost automatically produce a charge of trafficking. Often, an undercover police officer buys a small quantity of contraband from his target. After several small purchases, he tells the seller that he can "move" a larger quantity of the substance. He then arrests his target for dealing large quantities, which nets him a "bigger bust" of "trafficking" in his police department. This is exactly where Mark Thomas himself and many of his colleagues have direct experience that can benefit in getting you acquitted and/or getting the best deal possible, given the circumstances.

FAQs re: Drug Cases in Massachusetts

  • Are the penalties for trafficking drugs in Massachusetts all the same, no matter what kind of drug is involved?
    • No, the penalties in Massachusetts for drug trafficking vary, according to the type of contraband involved, the amount of the drug involved, and whether the defendant has previous drug trafficking offenses/convictions.
  • I was arrested for possessing a small amount of a controlled substance. I don't feel this is a serious offense. What can you do to help me?
    • As with many drug cases, the first legal mechanism we typically employ on behalf of our defendants charged with this type of crime are several Motions To Suppress. These types of Motions are used to exclude evidence seized by the police in violation of certain constitutional rights you have. The police are prevented from bringing into evidence anything obtained in violation of your constitutional rights under the circumstances. In sum, the objective is to get the evidence thrown out of court.

If the facts do not support a Motion To Suppress in a given situation, there are several other defenses available in drug cases. These commonly relate to who was in actual possession of the contraband (for example, if they are found in a car with passengers, or in an apartment with more than one tenant). Prosecutors sometimes charge "Possession With Intent To Distribute" (a more serious charge than mere Possession) when a person is arrested with only relatively small quantities of drugs. When this happens, we can possibly reduce the formal charges to simple Possession.

We will effectively defend cases involving a wide range of drug-related offenses, including the following:

  • All Drug Possession cases
  • All Drug Possession with intent to sell and/or distribute cases
  • All Drug Trafficking cases
  • All Drug Manufacturing

In Massachusetts, drug offenses can bring grave legal consequences, including mandatory minimum jail sentences and forfeiture of a driver's license. A criminal record stemming from any drug offense can haunt a person for possibly the rest of his or her life. A criminal record of drug offense(s) can crush a person's employment potential, and limit prospects to gain admission to college or graduate school, and/or secure a scholarship. A criminal record of a drug offense(s) can also seriously reduce the prospect of obtaining citizenship in the United States, and can also serve as the basis for deportation.

If you are arrested and charged with a drug offense in Massachusetts, it is critically important that you immediately contact a qualified criminal defense attorney, in order to secure all possible legal defenses that are available. We practice before all District and Superior Courts in Eastern Massachusetts. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we can discuss the particulars of your case. Do not go into court against a drug offense without contacting Mark Thomas. Call us right now: 857.453.6700.