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Criminal Defense & Appeals

In some legal cases, one party may feel that the court made a wrong decision. People place a great deal of trust and faith into the judiciary system, but sometimes mistakes are made. Thankfully, when a party feels that a wrong decision has been made by the court after a trial, he/she can file an appeal. An appeal is a request to a higher judicial authority (court) to review the decision or sentence of a lower judicial authority (court).

The appeal process begins when the appellant (person filing) petitions to have his/her case reviewed by the higher court. The higher court then has the ability to affirm or reverse the decision made by the lower court.

Before the higher court can make a decision, the court will review the trial transcript and the arguments presented by the involved parties. The higher court does not listen to live testimony, its primary focus is reviewing the legal issues at hand. While reviewing the trial transcript, the higher court will look for legal errors, mistakes, or oversights.

If the higher court judge finds that an error was made, he/she may reverse the lower court’s decision. When a criminal appeal is filed, the higher court has the power to reverse the conviction, reduce a sentence, or order a new trial. This is why it is so important to preserve all your rights for appeal. To explore the opportunities to appeal your case, contact the law firm of Mark C. Thomas: 857.453.6700.

Criminal Defense & Appeals Post Conviction

After a person is convicted of a crime, he/she may feel like his/her whole world has been turned upside down. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is known for having some of the strictest penalties for criminal offenders. However, if the convicted person feels that the court made a wrong decision, he/she is entitled to an appeal. This is legally referred to as an appeal post conviction.

An appeal post conviction is especially helpful in cases where there is newly discovered evidence, ineffective legal representation, or a violation of constitutional rights. By filing an appeal to a higher court, a convicted person can have his/her trial reviewed for possible legal errors. If the higher court finds that legal errors are present, the court may reverse the conviction, reduce the sentence, or order a new trial. Let Mark Thomas use his "Unfair Advantage" to help you.

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